TENS Hire Cleaning and Testing Procedure - COVID 19

All staff must complete the infection control training module – COVID 19 from the department of health.

Wear protective equipment consisting of gloves and apron for your protection at all times when handling returned TENS machines until cleaned and disinfected.

Check all equipment has been returned – see info sheet.

Discard electrodes if returned.

Place armband in wash pile to be laundered.

Disinfect all returned equipment with viraclean thoroughly including:

  • TENS unit
  • Wires and boost button
  • All laminated info sheets and user manual
  • Plastic bag
  • Battery and USB stick
  • Inside and outside of pouch

All TENS must be thoroughly inspected and tested

  • Attach testers to leads, place battery in unit and turn on
  • Test boost button and ensure leads are intact by moving leads ensuring the unit is in good working order
  • Replace new packet of electrodes
  • Replace new clean armband
  • Replace batteries
  • Replace or repair any equipment or information that doesn’t meet a high standard of presentation
  • Re-pack neatly