Infection control health and safety policies and COVID 19 information

Labour TENS founder and director is a trained nurse therefore we have always had strict infection control policies with our TENS hire machines. Our staff have completed infection control training - COVID 19 from the Australia department of health.

Here’s what we do with all our hire TENS units:

  • All hire TENS are quarantined for 10 -14 days plus
  • All equipment is either replaced or cleaned and disinfected with hospital grade Viraclean disinfectant proven to kill a broad range of viruses and bacteria, including the influenza virus.
  • All electrodes are new, sealed sterilised packs for one person only but can be used multiple times during your labour.
  • All information literature is covered in plastic coating and is disinfected with hospital grade Viraclean .
  • All carry pouches are disinfected after use.
  • All armbands are replaced and laundered after use.
  • Provide you with an alcohol based wipe to clean the equipment after use before you return it.

If your TENS is returned in a soiled condition which places our staff at risk of contamination you will be charged a replacement fee for that equipment.

Our employees adhere to strict health and safety work policies view here including using personal protective equipment when handling TENS machines.

The health and safety of our community is our priority - stay calm, breathe and wash your hands frequently