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At TensPainRelief we are dedicated to TENS machines and natural pain relief products

We only supply TENS machines from leading suppliers located in the United Kingdom (UK). For more than 10 years we have been hiring Obstetric TENS machines Australia Wide and have gained a wealth of experience in their use.

Our office is located at 13 Dale St, Brookvale on Sydney's Northern beaches however we supply and service anywhere in Australia.

You may contact us via email (use Contact us page) or via Toll free phone (located at top right) should you have any inquiries or require further assistance.

Our purpose is to provide a professional, friendly and informative service.

Note sure ? Try before you buy

Hire a Neurotrac NT3 or Neurotrac Rehab TENS for 2 weeks. If you donít like it for any reason send it back and all you pay is the 2 week hire costs. If you decide to buy then the 2 week hire cost comes off the purchase price. The hire electrodes are also reduced to $15 so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, with try before you buy TENS only at TENSPainRelief.

FREE regular shipping on the purchase of all Tens orders over $150

What is a TENS machine, why use a TENS machine, how does a TENS machine work and much more..... click here to view frequently asked questions


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Elle TENS Plus Labour TENS Hire NeuroTrac TENS (NT3)
Elle TENS Plus
Labour TENS Hire
NeuroTrac TENS (NT3)
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Our price: AUD 235.00
Our price: AUD 65.00
Market price: AUD 75.00

13% save

Our price: AUD 139.00
Market price: AUD 199.00

30% save

Electrodes - Self adhesive 50 x 90mm, set of 4
Electrodes - Self adhesive 50 x 90mm, set of 4
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Our price: AUD 20.00
including GST on Products AUD 1.82