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NeuroTrac TENS (NT3)

NeuroTrac TENS (NT3)

The Neurotrac TENS machine is a light weight, advanced digital, dual channel unit featuring 11 pre-set & 3 custom programmes.

The 11 pre-set programmes make it easy to use. Simply place the electrode pads on your body, turn it on and press the prog button to change programmes, experimenting to see which one provides the best pain relief.
As it is a dual channel unit you have two separate up/down controls enabling you to alter the intensity of each set of electrodes. You can choose to use all four electrodes for example on your lower back or you can just use two for example around your elbow where you have less physical area.


  • General purpose TENS
  • Digital Dual Channel
  • 12 Built in programmes for easy of usey
  • 2 Customizable constant mode programmes
  • Ability to lock the unit
  • Records time in use and average current
  • Easy to use

The Neurotrac TENS comes in a soft case :-
Four 50 x 50mm self adhesive electrodes
Two sets of electrode wires
One Alkaline 9v battery
Quick user guide plus full manufacturers user manual

Additional / spare electrodes can be purchased from our Tens Accessories page
Another useful accessory is an adjustable velcro arm band that allows you to place the Tens machine out of the way on your upper arm whilst still being free to move about.

Weight 0.49 kg
Price: AUD 169.00
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