Monthly Archives: February 2009

  1. Labour TENS took all the pain away and I didn't need to use any drugs.

    I was going to use gas & air through labour, but I used the Labour TENS machine as my Doctor recommended you to me instead. The Labour

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  2. I didn't even have gas as the labour TENS provided all the pain relief I needed

    Your hire service was recommended to me at our antenatal class, at Frances Perry House. I ordered online -which was very easy.

    I laboured at home for 18 hours using only the

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  3. I was very glad I had the TENS for the car journey into hospital

    I have used the Labour TENS for both my first and second babies. Both times I've had normal

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  4. I gave birth to a 10 pound healthy boy after 33 hours of a "posterior labour" with no other pain relief.

    The Labour TENS machine was recommended to me by a friend, and I thought it was fantastic too. I managed to get through a 33 hour labour with a

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  5. Labour TENS allowed me to participate in my birthing experience to the fullest and most natural extent possible.

    I had a normal delivery and used the Labour TENS for the whole duration of labour through to the 'pushing.' It was amazing to have a completely

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