Monthly Archives: February 2012

  1. Labour TENS–Fantastic Product

    Thank you – fantastic Product.  It made my 1 hour trip in the car to the hospital more bearable.


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  2. Eases back pain in labour

    Throughout both of my pregnancies I had bad back pain which continued into labour. With my first baby this made it impossible to move from the bed, relying on heat packs and later pethidine to combat

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  3. Amazing distraction from labour pains

    To begin with I had such bad back pain that I couldn’t tell when I was having a contraction, until I started using the TENS. It dulled the constant back pain enough for me to be able to start

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  4. Cannot recommend Labour TENS highly enough!!

    My labour was induced and ,as a midwife, I knew that this was going to cause sudden, strong contractions. I was convinced I couldn’t get through an induced labour without an Epidural.  While

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  5. I highly recommend Labour TENS for natural pain relief

    Thank you Labour TENS for a wonderful machine! It got me through a very short but intense labour with no other pain relief at all.  I

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  6. Labour TENS was invaluable…… it was amazing!

    The Labour TENS is amazing and everything about it …. from the ordering process, the delivery of the kit, the usage, and the return….

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