Monthly Archives: June 2009

  1. I highly recommend the Labour TENS...

    During our Antenatal class at the birth centre a new mum came in to give us a talk. She was raving about your labour TENS and highly recommended

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  2. Labour TENS kept me relaxed through the contractions

    The Labour TENS was very easy to order online and simple to use. The TENS machine was perfect for use at home, and it kept me relaxed through

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  3. It was absolute magic for the after pains throughout the following week

    I had a very quick, natural delivery using the Labour TENS only -completely drug

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  4. It was very effective for taking my mind off the contractions

    I read about the labour TENS in a pregnancy magazine, and a friend who used your company, also recommended you. I used the TENS machine throughout

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  5. labour TENS made me feel as though I had some control.

    My sister recommended your TENS to me. I'm very glad I hired one. I found it very easy to use and very helpful for relieving pain. The labour

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  6. I made use of the TENS machine again the next day with all the after pains

    Dear Heather, Many thanks, I would definitely hire a labour TENS from you, and I've passed on your details to all my friends.

    I was

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