Monthly Archives: October 2011

  1. 11 hour induced labour

    The TENS machine was fantastic!

    An 11-hour induced labour with no other pain relief for a first time mum is a testament to it effectiveness.

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  2. 18 hour drug free labour

    Labour TENS got me through 18 hours of labour drug-free.  I am very glad I hired it.

    Thank you

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  3. Something to focus on

    I had a very fast labour of only 2.5 hours.  As the intensity was really high during transition I found myself struggling to cope. We arrived at the hospital, with a strong pushing urge, 40 minutes

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  4. A Lifesaver!

    I was in labour for almost 24 hours.  My waters broke at midnight and the TENS machine helped me through the night and following day.

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  5. Loved it!

    I loved using the Labour TENS machine.  I used it throughout my labour and

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