Monthly Archives: May 2011

  1. I highly recommend the Labour TENS Machine

    I found the TENS machine beneficial throughout my labour which was particularly difficult due to my baby being posterior.  I highly recommend

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  2. Labour TENS made my labour easier

    I heard about Labour TENS from my sister-in-law who had previously used one for her childbirth.  I found that it was easy to use and provided

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  3. Labour TENS was great at easing pain….

    Labour TENS was great at easing pain during labour.

    As labour was a short, sharp two hours…. other options were not viable.

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  4. The rhythm of the pulses really worked for me

    The TENS Machine worked fantastically for me.  I used it at home during the latent phase of my labour, including throughout the night

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  5. Drug Free VBAC Delivery

    I hired the TENS machine on the advice of my midwife.  I was sceptical about it but was really surprised by how much I relied on it during

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  6. Excellent Service, TENS machine fantastic!

    The TENS machine was absolutely fantastic.  After labouring at home with the TENS machine I was fully dilated

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