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  1. I was very happy with the Labour TENS

    I was very happy with the Labour TENS machine. I got through most of the labour with it, and was dilated 6cm when I arrived at hospital thanks to the TENS. Will recommend to everyone.


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  2. I didn’t need to use any drugs with Labour TENS

    I used a Labour TENS machine with both pregnancies, and didn’t need to use any drugs throughout the labours. Highly recommend the Labour TENS machine. I have given info out to my friends who are

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  3. Labour TENS…. definitely worth the money!!

    I thought the Labour TENS machine was great and even helped with just the distraction of pushing buttons on it!!

    I was glad to get through another labour with no pain relieving drugs.

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  4. Labour TENS took the edge off the contractions

    Labour TENS is wonderful for taking the focus off the contractions.

    I used TENS right up to the pushing stage, when I asked for it

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  5. Labour TENS – a clever, simple… yet so effective…. drug free idea

    My labour was very slow…. it began 2 days prior to my baby being delivered. I found the Labour TENS machine AMAZING!! I only used gas once at the hospital and it was extremely effective with

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  6. Service & ease of hire was excellent

    I think the TENS was a useful distraction during labour. Anything that helps even a little is worthwhile!! Unfortunately eventually had to have a c-section after prolonged labour. However if I were

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  7. With TENS I enjoyed a natural birth

    This was my first baby. Went into labour at home with contractions roughly 1 minute apart. Had a shower during early ones, but then put on Labour

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  8. Labour TENS is money well spent

    I was pleased to have the labour TENS to assist with managing the contractions. I felt it really does help to manage the strong sensations, particularly up until transition. I am pleased this product

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  9. With TENS I could focus on other things

    I would definitely consider using the TENS machine during my next labour to assist with early labour pains – lower back pain especially. The Labour TENS got me to a point where I could focus on

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  10. TENS – Give it a go!!

    I used Labour TENS for my third baby, and I wished I had used it for the other two.

    My advice if you’re not sure whether to use a TENS machine – give it a go!!. It helps you feel

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  11. Wish I had known about TENS before

    I found Labour TENS to be very useful. I managed to get to the pushing stage without using any drugs, as the Labour TENS took the edge off

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  12. An outstanding product!!!

    An outstanding product, that lets you have some control during labour and post labour after pains.

    Tremendous pain relief…. reduced to almost a dull ache.

    Well done!!  Thanks

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  13. I couldn’t have done it without the TENS

    I couldn’t have done it without the TENS. I had a long, slow labour, but I was able to hold off from having the epidural for most of it which I definitely don’t think I could have done without

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  14. TENS delayed need for any other pain relief

    I used the Labour TENS from the onset of contractions, through to epidural…... a period of about 16 hours. I used TENS in conjunction

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  15. Will recommend TENS to my friends

    Thank you for the TENS machine…… it helped me manage the early stages of labour. We ended up having a beautiful baby girl by emergency c-section. I am recovering well and will be recommending

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