Monthly Archives: May 2013

  1. Labour TENS…. first thing on my “to do” list

    I used your Labour TENS machine for my second birth, so when I became pregnant

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  2. NO DRUGS!!!

    After having an epidural with forceps for my first labour I wanted to have a drug free labour for my second pregnancy.

    I heard about some other people using TENS machines so I gave it a go.

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  3. I would highly recommend Labour TENS

    This is the second time I have used a Labour TENS as the only pain relief. The only pain/discomfort I experienced during the 4 hour labour

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  4. Labour TENS machine made a huge difference

    Found the Labour TENS machine very affective. It was the only source of pain relief

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  5. Labour TENS is a life saver!

    Sincere thanks for the hire of the life-saving Labour TENS machine. I found the

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  6. Labour TENS becomes my lifeline during labour….

    The Labour TENS becomes my lifeline during labour. I’ve used it for both my children and with it’s help I’ve had two wonderful

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