Monthly Archives: September 2010

  1. TENS was brilliant distraction from pain

    Fantastic!! This was my second pregnancy and I used a Labour TENS for both. It provided brilliant distraction from the pain, enabling me to

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    Just wanted to say that the Labour TENS machine was GREAT!!! Thanks so much…. my labour/birth was totally drug free and quick. It was

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  3. TENS was great pain relief alternative

    Wanted to thank you properly for the fantastic service you provided.

    The TENS machine arrived with within a few days of ordering, it was easy to use with great instructions and all the equipment

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  4. Water Birth experience

    Used my Labour TENS in the early stages of labour and it was wonderful. Went on to do a water birth. It was very useful to have the Labour

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  5. The Labour TENS machine was the best machine for labour….

    I thought my first birth was good till this one!!

    I arrived at the hospital at 9cm dilated, and delivered in 45mins!

    The Labour

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  6. I was really happy with my TENS machine

    I was really happy with my TENS machine!!

    The booster button is a must!! I couldn’t have gone through labour without it.  Delighted, and will definitely recommend it to friends.

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  7. Thank you Labour TENS

    Thank you so much for helping me achieve the natural childbirth I wanted. Naturally induced by acupuncture, relaxed from my lovely massages,

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  8. TENS was highly effective for me!!

    Thank you so much for this wonderful machine. (Labour TENS)  Throughout my labour and actual delivery, I used this machine. It proved

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