Monthly Archives: November 2011

  1. Great service, very satisfied

    I was very pleased to have heard about Labour TENS and use it during my labour.  My waters broke around 1am on Tuesday and I went into

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  2. Loved it!

    This was my second natural birth greatly assisted by the Labour TENS machine

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  3. Home Birth of my Dreams

    Thank you so much, I was able to have the (unexpected) home birth of my dreams, using just the Labour TENS machine.

    I would highly

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  4. Labour TENS….. great service….

    We used a Labour TENS machine for our last child (2 years ago). Its a great service

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  5. Using Labour TENS was very helpful…

    Thanks Labour TENS. I found using the Labour TENS machine very helpful during my

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  6. TENS helps create positive birthing experience

    I couldn’t have done it without the TENS – I loved it!

    It gave me something to focus on.

    I used it through all stages of labour until our daughter was born.  I would

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  7. Labour TENS….. So helpful!!

    Totally Great!! So helpful…. just when you need it.

    Will recommend it 100%. Thanks.

    Joanne NSW

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  8. Labour TENS provided fantastic relief in difficult labour

    I had a difficult labour process that went on for 3 days (54 hours). We had intended for a drug free, intervention free birth. As my baby was in a bad position my contractions would plateau and very

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  9. I had a natural birth with no other pain relief…. only the Labour TENS

    My contractions started 38 hours prior to the birth of my baby, and were all concentrated within my lower back. I started using the Labour TENS

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