Monthly Archives: January 2012

  1. Have used Labour TENS twice with great results!

    I believe Labour TENS was the key to my smooth, safe and drug-free labour. It helped me to focus during contractions and definitely took the

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  2. Using Labour TENS allowed me to stay home as long as possible…

    I used your Labour TENS for both my labours.  I went in the bath first…. and when pain level increased I gout out and used the

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  3. My birth story

    I went into labour on Tuesday morning after realising that I had in fact really begun my labour on Monday!

    My contractions were 3 mins apart lasting 30sec – 1 min from 10am Tuesday. I

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  4. 4th baby, 4th time using TENS

    This was our 4th baby and the 4th time I had used a TENS machine with no other pain relief required.

    This make & model of obstetric

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  5. Fantastic Drug Free Natural Birth

    I had a fantastic drug free natural birth and I found the Labour TENS to be a great help in achieving

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  6. Strong recommendation for Labour TENS!

    I was planning to have a water birth and hire the Labour TENS machine just

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  7. TENS allowed me to stay at home during labour

    My back pain during contractions was managed with the Labour TENS machine .  I didn’t want an epidural and with the help of the

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  8. I would highly recommend Labour TENS….

    I used the Labour TENS from first signs of discomfort/painful contractions.

    I was able to stay at home for most of labour and was amazed

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