The Labour TENS was recommended by the Women and Children's hospital in Adelaide. On the day my water’s broke 9pm and contractions started at 11.30pm. The contractions were 7 minutes apart for 3 hours. I used the labour TENS machine and slept the whole time using the boost button when needed. The contractions stopped completely then began again Tuesday midday. I put the TENS machine on and once again slept for three hours until the contractions were really intense and 20 minutes apart. By 5pm the pain was coming in waves one on top of the other, but I found the constant buzz of the TENS distracting enough to get through the pain. I was at the hospital by 6pm pushing. I had a water birth which was calm serene and peaceful. If I’d had an epidural or pethidine this would not have been possible. I believe the TENS machine really helped me to achieve the birth I dreamt about.

Thanks Heather and the labour TENS team,

Melodie, Adelaide, SA